Hyve Central is a grassroots Esports organisation from the United Kingdom. Hyve Central, or Hyve for short is a fast growing community and owner of Esports teams in the following titles: Rainbow Six Siege Rocket League Valorant Smite Hyve as an organisation also believes in the benefit of home-grown talent, and as such has a fully functional Academy system currently catering for Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and Valorant. Hyve's primary goal is to support our developing esports talent, ensuring that they become the main players of tomrrow, whilst cultivating and developing a gaming community allowing players from across the globe, to meet eachother, play some games and most of all... Have Fun!

The History of Hyve Central

Hyve's origins stem all the way back to 2015 when original founders, Josh (Arbury) and Ben (Empathy), whilst also collaborating with ex-founder Alyy, bought two clans from the MOBA title Smite together into a singular gaming community. The primary focus for 2015 was to build a group of friends who could always field a 5 man team to enjoy games together. This very quickly grew and expanded past just Smite and in the year 2017 the community further progressed into other titles which had no competitive nature such as Destiny 2.


Upon expanding into RPG titles and alternative games, and hitting some bumpy rough patches, the current owners Josh & Ben further pushed Hyve into what was soon to be one of the biggest, and most promising esports organizations within the United Kingdom. At the start of the year 2019, after multiple genres of the game had been explored and minor rebranding elements took place, Hyve Central was reborn. From this point, the domain and Social Media accounts were obtained to ensure that branding for the organization could be complete.

2019 then led to being a fruitful year, especially in the Summer with the acquisition of Hyves first Professional Roster.


Summer 2019 saw Hyve officially branch out into the world of competitive esports with the acquisition of the Smite Console League Roster "Team EP". Hyve then went on to compete for 12 weeks within the console league, and despite the strong start, the roster was bested and missed out on World Championship qualification. With this taste of hunger and passion to be the best, Hyve further went on to develop rosters in Ring of Elysium, Call of Duty, Black Squad, Magic the Gathering, and Rocket League. This led to a large prominence in UK esports specifically through the Ring of Elysium Roster.


Fast forward 9 months and we now stand in April 2020. Hyve is developing day by day, acquiring the best talent that is out there and mounting large challenges for top honors on the global stage.


We said it before, and we'll say it again.

Fear. The. Hyve.

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Meet the organization staff

  • Ignika

    Esports Manager
  • Madman

    Esports Manager
  • Alric

    Physical Wellbeing Coach
  • Foex

    Community Manager